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Settings: setting up your people and vehicles
Fueling your vehicle
Service your vehicle
Maintenance Schedule

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Enter your first and last name. Your organization can be your company, association, or family. Keepengine allows you to store information for any number of vehicles. Enter your e-mail and the name of your first vehicle. You can add more information about this vehicle later.

Click Save. Your will receive your password via e-mail. (You can change it later.) Then you can log in. Clicking on the Keepengine icon will bring you to the main menu. (To change users, go to 'Profile', 'change user' and log in again.)



Use the "Settings" function to create/edit your vehicles and manage people and preferences.


Let's start by creating a vehicle.

Click on "Vehicle," "+New,"and the vehicle type ("Car"). and click on '+ New'. Enter the name and select the make.

Select the model

Select the year

Select the transmission type



After you enter your fuel data, Keepengine will give your current and average MPG and will remind you of the services to be done. Enter your fuel data often for up-to-date services and better engine health.

You can enter fuel quantities in US gallons, Imperial gallons, or liters.

You can filter your fuel history by date, cost, or quantity.

You can edit your fuel history at any time.

You can check out the profile ot your vehicle by clicking on your vehicle name on top of your main menu:

Click on MPG to see the chart of your consumption:



Keepengine helps you keep a record of all services performed on your vehicle.

Services are color-coded according to urgency: red indicates that a services is overdue (or was performed late), orange indicates an imminent service needed, green indicates a service done on time.

For a boat:

You can view your entire service history:


Or filter by type (for example, "tires"):


Alerts and warranties

The standard services from your maintenance schedule that need to be done are displayed here, based on your current odometer and the current date. You can also manually add alerts and warranties. You will receive reminders when an alert is upcoming, or when a warranty is about to expire.

For a car:

For a boat:

To create a new warranty:


Maintenance Schedule

You can customize the maintenance schedule for each of your vehicles. Under "Settings," go to "Maintenance schedule." You can add or delete services, and set the period to miles/km or months.

You can add a new schedule or modify an existing one by clicking on the schedule name.





You can share your data with others by inviting them to connect with you.



You can send support requests using the form on the "About" page. (Found under "Settings.")




You can change your units of consumption and currently when traveling in other countries. All data recorded in other units will be recalculated. Odometer mileage can be entered only in the unit defined in the vehicle settings.

You can also choose to share your fuel data with your organization or with all other users that are "public." Click on "In the World" from the "Home" page to compare the fuel prices with users around the globe.



The trip function is useful in calculating expenses for business trips and makes reimbursement easy. It's also simply a fun way to record your adventures! 6 functions are available:

"Record new trip without GPS" allows you to record the cost of a trip by manually entering the start and end odometer mileage. You can also record the date, and a rage, such as "Work," "Vacation," "School," and so on.  

You can also use the GPS method. It will record your trip on a map while simultaneously calculating the trip's cost. Just press "Start" when ready. You can also add notes and photos, which will be displayed on a map.  The real-time cost is based on your last fuel price and your average mpg (or the national average if your mpg is not yet available).


The trip cost report will calculate your reimbursment cost or each of your tag category and month




Emergency (in the trip menu) allows you to send your coordinates and a message to a list of emails or sms addresses when you are in difficulty:


First the list needs to be setup:

In case of emergency, click on the alert Button. Your position will be sent to your correspondants. Each of them will receive by SMS or E-mail your position on a map and come to help you or call the fire department.